For Multisite 3D Over Time imaging – Spool Function for enough memory to capture all data –


- Go to Program Files

- Click on Intelligent Imaging Innovations

- Click on Slidebook

- Click on Slidebook Hardware Properties

- Go to line “Enable Time Spool Options”

   change from “false” to “true”

- Save file


* Open Slidebook *


- Go to “Edit”

- Click on “Capture Preferences”

- Check on “Save Temporary File After Each Time Point”

-  Under Capture Window – Multisite Point Capture

there is “current point” vs. “entire list” option

-  Click on entire list – it will spool each site to a different spool file


After the end of each experiment, YOU NEED TO IMPORT EACH SPOOL FILE (from slidebook file) and SAVE IT AS AN INDIVIDUAL SLIDE


To do this, go to “Image” > “Import” and click on “Slidebook Spool”


You will have to repeat the latter process before you begin a new experiment, otherwise spool files are overwritten and previous data will be lost